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About Us

Every Child needs a place to dream.

Our mission is that every child in Thanet shall have one.  We aim by the end of 2022 to see as many children in Thanet Off The Floor and into their own bed as possible. 


How You Can Get Involved

Build a bed

You can help us to build dreams across Thanet. You and your familiy could build a bed for a child, or perhaps your work colleagues could all get together.  We can also put people together in teams.  Meet some new friends whilst making a difference.

Request a bed

We don’t just want referrals from from the professionals.  If you know of a familiy where the children don’t have a suitable bed, then let us know.  You could be the answer to their dreams by bringing them the best night’s sleep they have had in ages..

Fundraising & Sponsorship

We can all play our part.  From a small pocket money donation to a Company Sponsorship.  From a sponsored night on the floor taking part in a public fundraising event.  Get in touch to see how you can help.

What We Do

Getting Kids ‘Off the Floor’ is not just a snappy title or catchphrase it is a genuine need in our community.  Many of us just don’t realise just how many children don’t have their own bed or they are sharing with a sibling or sleeping on a couch. It’s hard. People don’t want to discuss it or admit it. We take the stigma away, we provide a bed and a bed kit and hopefullt start new and lasting working relationships across Thanet.

Our Story

Thanet Iceberg Project, the organisation behind Off the Floor was founded 4 years ago to help meet the needs of the community that were not being met elsewhere.  The Loft started a year later delivering  2nd hand furniture and household goods, free, to those in need across Thanet.

As Off the Floor we are we are working with social services, schools, refuges and churches to ensure that every child is adequately provided with a bed.  From that point on we can then help the families with any other items or support that they may need.


Become a Volunteer Today

We are a small team.  No, scratch that – we are a very small team that makes a huge difference across Thanet.  We are always looking for people who have a couple of hours a week to spare.  Whether you can iron, fix furniture, fill in paperwork, help deliver furniture on the van or have any other skill that we can use why not get in touch and get involved.  You could help be the difference to families across Thanet


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The ZZZ List

Keep up to date with how the campaign is doing. Your information will be stored safely, never misused and you can opt out at any time.

(Thanet Iceberg Project is registered with the ICO Reference: ZA669079.)

Keep in Touch. Get Involved.

We have all heard about A List celebrities.  Well we have the ZZZ list.  Keep in touch with how we are doing in our quest to see every child Off the Floor.  Join our ZZZ list today!


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